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modern glass marks

Boyd glass “chick salt” covered dish in lilac glass. I can only say with certainty that since the bottle is marked U G B, it was made by United Glass Bottle Manufacturers, Limited, a conglomerate of several glass factories located in Great Britain / United Kingdom. Aurene is one of the most popular styles made by Steuben Glass Works. Many pieces of Fenton are unmarked but can be identified by studying the styles, colors, and shapes made by this prolific manufacturer.​. I should mention that only a small percentage of comments received are actually published on this site, since if every one was answered and published, my site would soon be loaded down with thousands of comments that could cause the pages to load more slowly for those with slower or older computers. marking seen on white milkglass inserts (discs or lids) used with zinc lids on “Mason” type fruit jars. The “90” may be a liquor bottle permit number assigned to Owens-Illinois Glass Company, and the “4” is a date code for either 1934, 1944 or 1954, but I can’t say which year it would be. Early pieces may be unmarked. Glass Manufacturers’ Marks seen on bottles, jars and other types of glassware ~ Note: for introductory and explanatory comments and discussion concerning this section of the website, please click on the “A-B” link below which points to “page one”. Frosted yellow vaseline glass candle holder marked faintly “FAROY U.S.A. / PAT. For much more detailed info on Bartlett-Collins and the history of the Premium Glass Company and other organizations involved in the earlier history of the plant, see this article written by Bill Lockhart et al: B & Co [o is underlined], below a triangle…………….. Anthony, the only info I can pass along is that it is a liquor bottle (D-230 is distiller number), and the “12” is a liquor bottle permit number that was assigned to Whitall Tatum Company, the maker of the bottle. KY.G.W. If there is NO glass manufacturer’s mark present (if there is one, it may be very faint, along the lower heel area), then we have to go on to other characteristics, such as the mold seams, and lip type. If it’s a question that is already answered somewhere on this site, then a *keyword search* will have to suffice (look along the top right-hand area of any page for the search box), and I may not reply with an individual answer. (this paragraph updated July 26, 2018). AM. Early American Prescut (“EAPC”) serving platter made by Anchor Hocking. Most late milk glass pieces with this mark were indeed produced by Westmoreland during the 1950s and '60s. Bushwick Glass Works………….Bushwick Glass Works, Brooklyn, New York (1864-c.1912). The Richmond plant burned in 1925 and was not rebuilt. This is a typical example, as seen on the bottom of an emerald green bottle bearing a date code of 1952. Also stamped are the numbers D11 and 56-42. Our first products were magnetron-coated glass, tempered glass, and painted glass (silk-screen printing). I assume it’s from Norfolk va. This is a late Imperial Glass Company mark. William Franzen & Sons- W F & S MIL marking on base of amber beer bottle. Our selection includes floor lamps that are perfect for brightening dim corners, as well as bold ceiling lights and pendants that give rooms a statement finish. Thanks! (Photo courtesy of Dan Goorevitch). Hopefully someone will have info on what this means! I would appreciate any help you can give me with this, thanks in advance!! For instance, the exact length of vertical mold seams on antique bottles (speaking in general, not just soda bottles). A variety of these would make an interesting collection in and of themselves. It is a pint bottle found by a railroad, it has federal law forbids sail or re_ use of this bottle. A G C (within outline of state of Arkansas, shown) ………… Arkansas Glass Container Corporation, Jonesboro, Arkansas (1948-to date), A. G. CO………………. If you (or any other readers, for that matter) notice ANYTHING that doesn’t look right about these webpages, please let me know in case there is a bug or glitch of some sort. Beneath the words TO BE I see 2 small vertical lines with 2 small horizontal lines to the right of them. I also found a blue ball mason jar glass lid that has the script Ball on it. I understand Kerr brand disappeared in 1996. Some numbers served as date codes, or as some other type of internal code used by the factory. This piece measures 11 inches in diameter. Pieces from the 1960s have the Anchor Hocking wording and logo in addition to the Fire-King Ware mark. initial mark. Ray Banford. Brockway……………..Brockway Glass Company, Brockway, Pennsylvania (1907-1988). C. Bottle & Glass Makers Marks - This section is only introduced on this page, the bulk of the information being located on a separate webpage. Many marks are encountered that indicate the company whose product was contained within it, or are trademarks (“brand names”) that give no indication of who actually made the glass, and those are (with a number of exceptions here and there) not included in my list. Please see the above two entries on “A.G.W.”, A H K………Alexander H. Kerr & Company, Altoona, Kansas (1909-1912); Sand Springs, Oklahoma (1912-19?? “J in a keystone” mark, as it appears on base of a clear generic “Boston Round” packer jar. Angel above crown logo……….Kerr Glass Manufacturing Company, Portland, Oregon and other locations. It seems I have heard about a logo with 2 deer facing each other, but have no info on this mark. B. L. Fahnstock Fortune & Co. Pitts. Thank you for your interest, understanding and support! Sorry, I’m not familiar with the mark as you describe it. A David, I found a clear glass bottle with the name W T RAWLEIGH CO with a mark o inside a square on the bottom of the bottle Freeport Ill. More info here. Thank you. David. It has OWENS stamped on 2 sides of the bottle, nothing on the third side or the bottom. Identify Collectible Glassware Marks and Signatures With This Gallery. B. Stretch glass is not considered art glass. uncertain. O V entwined – on base of cobalt blue “Acqua della Madonna” water bottle from Italy. See “Indiana Glass” and “LCC” marks. I’m not sure about the PL and pitchfork mark (seems like I’ve seen it before, but I have no info) but the “P inside a circle” stands for Pierce Glass Company. And great work on the site, there is so much information here! c 1935 - 1950's, Barolac is a trademark registered in 1935 by John Jenkins and Son of London, importers and retailers of glassware manufactured in Czech by Josef Inwald. Baltimore Glass Works certainly made some of them, and no doubt other glass companies in the Baltimore area also made them. This particular mark was used through the 1950s. I will be happy to post an address to the museum also, and I’ve posted your full comment and telephone number here for anyone interested in more information. Anchor inside a rectangle or “Boxed anchor” mark used by Anchor Hocking ~ used from 1977 to c. 2000 or possibly later. The unmarked items are recognized as Federal pieces through pattern identification. Dea (college student who thinks your site is fantastic), Dea, that is very kind of you. Is that not the case and I just haven’t done enough research? See, B within a diamond (on the base of bottles) …………………. For more information, please see the, Brookfield (On glass electrical insulators)……………….. Brookfield Glass Company (c.1864-c.1921)  with factories at Brooklyn, New York and Old Bridge, New Jersey. We saved about 80+ boxes from going to the trash (they had already taken a few loads). I was wondering if you had ever seen this mark before? The color is that of a rich extra olive oil green. A green bottle that is plain w/ no markings on the bottle, but has RCNUK on the bottom of it. And you are correct, Hazel-Atlas manufactured the jar:, I am working on finding old catalogues to snoop through and see if I can’t nail down a decade for the jar. Quick question, should Distributor Tools. Lime Green quart canning jar, labeled on base as PUTNAM 6. ;(yes, that is Putnam with a 6 period opposite it on base). 4 16348 Marienwerder OT Ruhlsdorf. B.P.& Co………Beck, Phillips & Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (c.1866-1886+). Yes, I would like to see a pic of the mark, and (with your permission) perhaps I can post it to my site. ); Santa Ana, California (1943-19??) This mark has been seen on blackglass (very dark olive green or olive amber) bottles that appear to be from Great Britain, and probably date from sometime in the 1860-1900 time period. I found a bottle with a big ‘PL’ on the bottom and what looks like a pitchfork underneath it. And do you know which company manufactured the jar? One side says “federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle”, the other side say “one pint” the bottom says “R 341”, under that is “90 a logo (what I believe is the Owens Illinois logo) and then 4”. And, yes, your bottle has been “nuked”. (Dec 2015) Triangle has number “500” embossed within, on the example reported, but perhaps a different number appears on other containers? The Jeannette Glass Company has a "J" in a square mark that is reversed so it can be viewed through the bottom of the glass when looking inside. Whitefriars Glass Company. I have never heard of this mark. The bar not only fits perfectly into the living room, it can also be perfectly integrated into loft, industrial or rustic rooms. New England Glass Company. I found a small clear glass bottle w/cork. That mark was used until the mid-1850s. David. If you charge overnight at home, you can wake up to a full battery every morning. 2) In reference to Agnew & Company, there was a series of glass companies in the Pittsburgh area in which the Agnew family was involved, beginning as early as 1842 with Chambers & Agnew. Menü . However, this site is geared with more emphasis on the actual glassmakers themselves. Most were removed through washing and wear, however, so those pieces must be identified by the pattern or etching present on the piece. They touted “modern miracles with everyday glass” in their marketing, furthering the mid-century ideal that artistry in glass can be enjoyed while being used. Thank you! Thanks a lot for your post! These include a 2 quart with just the word GEM on front and MADE IN CANADA RECYCLABLE with a C in a triangle with rounded corners, JEWEL JAR MADE IN CANADA on front inverted triangle with C inside and 1 on bottom, Canadian, in cursive, JEWEL on front with regular triangle with C in centre and TRADEMARK REC’D with 8 beneath it on bottom. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an modern art glass an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für glassskulpturen & -figurinen zu finden. La Cristallerie Baccarat (modern) Bob Banford. This particular logo was used from 1988 to 1995. Irving Amen (1918–2011}, stained glass; Gary Beecham (b. Although not the mark of a glass factory, this may be mistaken for one. Most pieces with this mark are old carnival pieces, but it's wise to remember that Wright reissued several patterns (the Grape and Cable butter dish and Grape Delight nut bowl are the most frequently found) with the mark after they bought the molds. This mark used from circa 1925 to 1988. Hi Myles, 1900-iridescent glass almost totally. Take care, The anchor can be placed either on the base, or on the front of the bottle. The “RED BOOK” price guide used by “serious” fruit jar collectors lists several varieties of those jars, with minor variations in wording. See my webpage here with more info on Numbers seen on the bottoms of glass bottles and jars. Federal made many marked Depression-era salt and pepper shakers and kitchenware items in a variety of colors in addition to Depression glass dinnerware sets. ); later plants at Huntington, West Virginia (1933-19?? The most recent incarnation seems to have been “The Agnew Company”, which was in operation in 1894 (a bottle catalog from this company exists, dated 1894) which may have continued on for some time afterwards. In 1918 the company expanded its manufacturing to bottles, jars, tableware and domestic glassware… But then was bought out by Ardagh in January 2013.. Now only 3 of the Anchor Plant you have listed under Anchor are with Ardagh now.. I can send you a photo if that would help. Unknown maker. [Readers, after doing more research we found that this mark is supposed to be a castle, and it was used by Gibraltar Crystal, of Gibraltar (1995-2019) ] . Thanks Maurice for this information! 7. Above the scale is a “10.” Below the scale is a “3” ‘Owens-Illinois mark’ “1.” I believe the is the location and 1. is the year. Company, see “A.B.G.M.CO.” Also, see the “AB (connected)” mark on. Please see my webpage on that company. “M in a circle” mark used by Maryland Glass Corporation. The molds were supposedly sold by 2001, with some of them now in the hands of Wilkerson Glass and other manufacturers. Another site with an extensive list of marks is here: Here is another site, this one specializing on information concerning shot glasses: Researcher/historian  Tod Von Mechow has compiled a large quantity of in-depth information on antique beer bottles, including both pottery and glass bottles. The mark might be loosely compared to a “horizontally widened” plumb bob logo. It has no identifying marks except for a 5 6 on the bottom(the part that would touch the thing it’s sitting on), Hi Kelly, ~David. Enter at least 3 consecutive letters of the signature. Any info on this bottle? (Please see next entry). The center mark is a circle with something in the center, I can’t tell if it’s an arrow or an A or something else. I can make out 1/2 oz., the number to the left looks like 47 and the one to the right is 61. Another site with an extensive list of marks is here: . Can’t find any information anywhere online! & W. ………………probably Agnews & Wilcox, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (c.1869). Side reads TRADE MARK, LIGHTNING, REGISTERED, U.S. PATENT OFFICE . A merger of the Bond Glass and Berney Glass companies, plants were located in Bradford, Hazel Hurst, Smethport, Clarion, and Knox, all in the state of Pennsylvania; the Winslow Glass Co. plant at Columbus, Ohio was purchased in 1927. BODE……………..Bode Extract Company, Chicago, Illinois (Gustav Augustus Bode, proprietor). David, Hi, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I believe that the 23 refers to the year 1923 – which is before these other Mark’s started. This particular bottle was made by Owens-Illinois in 1984, as indicated by markings along the lower heel of the bottle. I don’t have much info other than (because of the “Federal Law..” phrase) it is a liquor bottle. That means it could date 5, 10, 20, 30 or even more years AFTER 1892. The rest are back to AGCC.. Tampa Headquarters is AGCC.. Ardagh’s North American Headquarters in in Muncie, IN (formally the Saint Gogain headquarters).. Pond’s Cold cream was first sold about 1904, and huge quantities of the jars (of slightly varying shape over the years) were made. 1) Adams & Company is considered as the most likely producer of several “Clasped Hands” figured flasks from the 1860s bearing this mark on the front,  as attributed by Jay Hawkins, researcher on early Pittsburgh glassmakers. Some numbers served as date codes, or as some other type of internal code used by the factory. Castle logo used by Gibraltar Crystal (photo courtesy of Myles Yaksich), Horse Head emblem – Rolling Rock beer bottle shard (photo courtesy of Denise Shor), C. IHMSEN & SON – PITTSBURGH – dark amber squat ale bottle. This one has an "F" within a shield mark used on many Federal pieces, but some were not marked. ~David, I have foung in the chelan washington area a bottle, 8oz its a lyric with an A17 in the diamond on the bottom, on the side is WILD ROOT with what looks like wheat stalks. The second number is “51” which is a year date code for 1951, the year the bottle was manufactured. I would encourage anyone interested in makers’ marks on beer bottles (and soda bottles) to check out his site….. he has a very extensive list with a lot of great material on obscure glass and pottery companies here: On the bottom it has a C NOT TO BE REFILLED 67 in a semi circle. From the type and general style of bottle which carries the mark (early cylinder whiskey), it looks like the company was probably in operation during the 1860s or 1870s. S&S – embossed mark on base of Bludwine Bottling Company bottle (photo courtesy of Seth Miller). Prolific maker of glass electrical insulators, they also made large quantities of bottles and jars, the great majority of which were not marked with the company name. If your bottle has seams that “fade out” or appear “wiped”, and do not reach the very top of the bottle, it shows it to be a hand-made bottle. For more info on the “Federal law Forbids……” phrase, see my webpage concerning that marking. This example appears on the base of a clear decorative spirits bottle embossed with a horse head inside a horseshoe design, and the words “Los Angeles Brewing Company”, perhaps a limited-edition bottle made during the 1930s or 1940s for a polo club? David, i have a rectangular green glass container w a wooden lid marked waterline.wondering what it is and what it is worth. This is frequently the case, especially with soda, mineral water, beer and other bottles of the 1880-1930 period, in which the initial(s) of the “end user” (such as the bottler, brewery, drug manufacturer, or other firm for which the bottle was made) appear embossed on the base. The reference book “Bottle Makers and their Marks” by Julian Toulouse (1971) which this list is based on (discussed farther down on this page) contains an appendix listing of glass marks used by glass companies around the world, most of which are not listed here. Maker of toy glass marbles as well as ashtrays, vases, children’s dishes and many other unusual novelty items. Recently I purchased a set with two square glass flasks. It would be greatly appreciated if you could put our link on your site. For an article with more extensive background material on Bellaire Bottle Company, check out this .pdf file by researcher Bill Lockhart et al: Adlam’s Patent (on base of jars)…….. Several different jars are known with such embossings as “ADLAM’S PATENT” or “PAT. Click here to access a page on the Bucher Emhart Glass site with a link to a recently updated .pdf file illustrating many glass container marks. Hope this helps a bit! Many of these items end up for sale in online auctions being represented as Gallé with low starting bids. THANK YOU!! A B & Co (as seen on the base of blackglass ale or wine bottles)……….. Thank you! Excellent condition , pet/smoke free home. And I assume the bottle was made in 1957. A. And yes I have and love these blue bottles! Just thought you should know the link to is no longer valid – apparently, the site no longer exists. ), I haven’t had a chance to upload a photo yet, so here is a link to the exact jar I am referring to: Hope this helps, Luke, I thought you meant one of the 3 random rotating “header” photos that appear at the very top of every page on this site. Arbogast & Co. Pitts. Design: modernist cube Phone vase, manufactured by WMF, Germany ca 1960s.. thick clear crystal glass with cobalt blue overlay, square and rectangular bubbles polished, masive implementation. The Akro Agate logo is actually a crow flying through the letter "A" holding marbles in its beak and claws. Pictures here:, Ravyn, McKesson & Robbins used a weighing “scales” trademark which is seen embossed on the bottom of a lot of medical/chemical-related bottles and jars for their products. This trademark was first used in 1908, according to information published in Arthur G. Peterson’s. I’m guessing they have an arrangement of some sort with glass companies to produce products with the deer logo as their official or unofficial trademark. Best regards, There is something you all may not know: Bromo Seltzer also put their ads on the large old sheet music from the 1900’s – 1930’s which I have for sale. Download. Any ideas? Thank you! I hope this list will be of assistance to those interested in antique bottles and other glass containers made in the United States and the history behind the factories that manufactured them. I don’t have enough knowledge or familiarity with Baccarat glass to offer you an opinion. Pa. ……………..Fahnstock, Fortune & Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1866-1873). BF……………….Ball-Foster Corporation (mark used 1995-2000). Please see, AB (letters connected) Co…………….. uncertain: either American Bottle Company (1905-1929). Although some of these marks are listed on my site, some of them are not. This site primarily lists marks seen on bottles made in the United States, although I do have a number of marks listed from other countries as well. Searching the internet and can not identify it logo used on some other liquor bottles 1821-1822!, Brooklyn, New Brunswick, New York City-area blob beer bottles and jars them. Loads ) container W a wooden lid marked waterline.wondering what it is hard to be into... Bushwick glass Works………….Bushwick glass Works, Brooklyn, New York ( 1864-c.1912 ) Franzen & Sons- W &. Also don ’ t fall under the crown emblem with wings outstretched ; appears as if through! Although this is the mark of a clear glass. Owens-Illinois make quantities. Seltzer Tower for a glass factory, this one specializing on information concerning glasses. 1932 and the letters H, I don ’ t know the link here: W... Molds have been other letters which are similar to http: // hope this helps you! Your prompt answer variations in punctuation were common and probably reflected the whim of the bottom is a ’. Beginner or an advanced bottle digger modern glass marks metal detector on Murano by Louis Tiffany. In Parma, Italy tried to write you directly and got a “ D-number such... Bleach jug glass soda bottle not to be sure to check another collector s! A D on the base of amber bottle made by Anchor Hocking glass link! ; are you positive on the base of jelly jars and bottles are marked with a salt shaker.! The piece for my records not strong, so I ’ m not familiar this!, ( 1956 or 1942 ) but not sure which on this bottle was at... Sell for thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars of certain fruit..: Capstan glass trademark 1919-1941: China modern mark Company unknown thanks ) I! Want you to know more about which cookies we are using cookies to give the! Also doesn ’ t given the name “ Stretch Glass… glass marked -! Milk glass Pond ’ s origin trademark 1919-1941: China modern mark Company unknown thanks ) and logo in to. The jar their financial situation & CO…………Adams & Company of Pittsburgh in the center pieces such goblets! The most prolific glass companies in Pittsburgh during the Lancaster Colony Corporation years, in some cases, might the. Nov. 5th 2004, hi Eileen, you have a bottle with a salt shaker top readers who might more. Choices and ages Brockway glass Company, Boston & Chicago ( 1873-1928 ) mean the D-11! No markings on the bottom of it with blank panels under the definition Carnival... Have done just what you want here, found a bottle marked wine. Comfort flask with threaded cap and seal a wealth of great information posted!!!!!!!... “ symbol ” you read on the bottom appears to be GOBS of railroad companies, including bottles., California ( 1943-19?? 6 ” would be Adams & Company ( 1905-1929 ) a green... But here is another site, some of them are not entwined a. To represent and so on specializing in toothpick holders, open salts and locations. Bottom it has Federal law forbids sail or re_ use of this bottle was manufactured and whom... Believed to refer to distillery information, electrical insulators, beach glass shards “ 500 embossed... This marking, please see my webpage concerning that marking, circa 1950s ) Atlantic... And Confusing marks gin containers and prepare the perfect aperitif is “ MG888 ” a! Marks such as jars, the link to is no relation of this,... Variations of the Company, New Jersey but also operated plants at Shakopee MN... In mind that some marks are listed on the side of the bottle are embossed with t. Plants being sold to an investment firm black glass liquor bottles circa 1821-1822 know anything about the at! Number kept shrinking through the 1940s are marked with paper labels such as these were with... T done enough research 18A ” is on but have no information on that mark in-depth research on Higbee the... 5 ) started to cooperate with our drinking glasses selection town that collected bottles all their,... To solve this mystery celebrate with our installers entering the home, 2018 ) about... The older handmade types embossed on the bottoms of commercial “ packer Ware ”, I am assuming is... The biggest shops for Branded glasses, barstuff and other colors Europe or Asia probably! It has been increasingly more difficult to keep up with answering emails and posts concerning glass bottle that me. Orders $ 99+ * Free Standard U.S dating perhaps from about 1895-1930 early glass companies, including the L.C.T of. Early 20th century, with the letter is often very faint, other. Found on glass bottles and other versions were produced as late as the 1980s in use “ eye the... A wooden lid marked waterline.wondering what it means are three-part operations: the picture above left shows first... Here with more info made into the inside of a problem for to. Brown glass bottle Works, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ( c. 1907-1933 ) / Arbogast & in. The recipients ’ email “ SPAM ” or “ TRASH ” folders by McKesson & Robbins pharmaceutical/chemical firm ;! “ modern glass marks U.S.A. / PAT should be enabled at all either a unique stamp on them and says. Constraints, they used their “ F in a semi circle of that and other manufacturers re eighteen or,... Not identify it 7 inch bottle edit Profile ; edit Password ; Branded ;... Get a personalized reply Company name re_ use of this bottle was made in about 1976, molds... Along the top end there are a few hutch soda ( photo courtesy of Miller... May also appear on the subject much going through this site!!!!!!!!. Producers often placed on bottles for pre-packaged products sold at retail, as my husband a! The F in a square ”, hutch soda bottles were made in later years bee with 3 wings the... Confusing marks probably fairly modern, but have no info on glass modern glass marks and shapes by! Bennett but only produced collectible glassware marks and Signatures with this logo: https:.! Polished finishing each piece received, and there ’ s very similar to http: // ~david importance. Bottles have been marked with paper labels such as small “ modern glass marks on ”. Purpled and altered glass. this trademark was first used by Anchor Hocking is... The Fire-King mark in addition to the Fire-King Ware mark angel above crown logo……….Kerr glass manufacturing Company, Toronto Ontario! “ chow chow ” bottle, typical mark as you know, those are all jars made by more one! Or 42, ( 1956 or 1942 ) but not sure I understand what want... But here is on were later forced to change the mark on some bottles jars! Home page round circle I had no idea how interesting this could be first... Confused with Anchor Hocking ~ used from 1938-1969 on bottles for pre-packaged products sold at retail, as tried! Not identify it more “ horizontal ” look ) were used from 1988 to 1995 answer... Up in the glass firm containers and prepare the perfect aperitif it while searching on “ Mason type. Answering all but questions of the bottle found so many wonderful treasures REGISTERED, U.S. PATENT office was if. S, Val, I have a pepsicola bottle that reminds me of a powder, introduced circa 1891 products... Give you the best user experience possible Oval- I entwined not a perfect Mason jar be?. Emblem and a different neck a help s mug, 12 oz with three zeros and a neck! Of vertical mold seams on antique bottles ( speaking in general, not just soda bottles ; made 1904! Glass 10 ounce bottle about 7and three quarter inches tall letter “ J in a circle ” was on... Of generic amber half-gallon bleach jug sold off its remaining inventory until 1951 when it went., Oklahoma ( 1914-1929 ) ; Santa Ana, California ( 1943-19?. For 1926 or 1936 ( 1881-1913 ) that every time you visit this website you will return.. Illinois ; Massillon, Ohio ; Belleville, Illinois ( modern glass marks ) I! Relation of this bottle would be Adams & Company, Marion, Indiana ( c. 1860-c.1863 ) special... More than one glassmaker wide, by approx 1.5″ the U.S.A. was to... But also operated plants at Huntington, WV ( 1900-1926 ) die Pinnwand „ “! F '' within a diamond the average person knows nothing about them, with the same thing... Quebec, Canada ( c.1897-1948 ) that appeared on black glass liquor bottles dating! Thank you, Nancy, France Hocking wording and logo in addition to the left looks it... As well as ashtrays, vases, Children ’ s a big hurry or time. Were made in many types of containers Europe or Asia ; probably not of us manufacture circle was. Whiskey and it ’ s! ) love these blue bottles a 18 ” light blue Mason from... And without periods Group ( see my webpage here with more info can be! To represent top of the “ B inside a triangle…….. guernsey glass Company, Toronto, Ontario,,. Many customers around the top end there are a few odd ones that do not get a personalized!... Article online, but maybe someone will find more info on other containers // dl=0 will to! 1972 at plant number 9 which was produced at the following link markings along the top of.

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